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The Invisible Tribe "What a Man Can't Know, the Eagle Sees

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"I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me." ~Author Ralph Ellison 1952

In his first novel, The Invisible Tribe, Adrian Roman embarks on a formidable quest, namely, writing socially responsible fiction in an America blind to the plight of its indigenous people.

My editor, Pat Wick offers this preview:

"The Invisible Tribe is a modern murder/mystery/thriller set in the Choctaw Nation. The people choose martial arts master John Wilkerson Tall Bear to lead their fight against systemic racism, governmental corruption and the sinister villain Steppenwolf. Elvis fans are left wondering, why? Rooted in Durant, Oklahoma, the battle extends from Talihina in the north to Dallas in the south and touches countless small towns in-between.

The action, political intrigue and surprising plot twists of the original have been streamlined for a more engaging read. Lively characters and realistic dialogue promote Native identity as a means to survive and thrive. As it champions Choctaw full bloods and their ancestors, The Invisible Tribe urges future generations to find worth in a more simple way of life."

You and your friends can send $20 to for an autographed copy!

"I had participated in an American Indian Ceremonial sweat last weekend and experienced a vision, so I thought. My vision was a strange one, if in fact that is what it was. In my vision, I saw an ancient Roman Solider and an American Indian Warrior riding on horseback side by side on a mountain top. I saw a herd of buffalo in a valley surrounded by lush woodlands. Leading the herd is a magnificent white buffalo. The Sacred White Buffalo is significant among American Indian culture. Were the two warriors on a buffalo hunt together? In my vision, I noticed red streaks down the flank of the White Buffalo. Had he been wounded? This would have been a tragedy for the birth of a white buffalo happens once in a lifetime. Then my vision faded away." ~John Wilkerson Tall Bear

Adrian RomanThe Invisible Tribe is a fictional book about how the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has ignored its people with substantial Indian blood. The Nation has turned its back on the Indian philosophy and ancient’s way of their people. Corruption and greed for money and how to accumulate great wealth is the order of the day. It tells about the tragic journey of a small group of full blood Choctaw Indians who began to feel discriminated against and are outcast within their own tribe. They began to unite in small Indian churches and form an underground movement to create a new full blood tribe. The mission of this organization Chahta Amoma Atokoli (Choctaw full bloods) is to get their new tribe federally recognized.

They select a leader; John Wilkerson Tall Bear and their journey begins. Thru events and murders of some of their members they march on the Choctaw Capital and take the Chief of the Choctaw hostage. Misdeeds are discovered and the current Chief of the Choctaw Nation falls from grace.

Through events he orchestrates Tall Bear along with a trusted friend and a pretty half Indian Senator name Rachel Jim, he becomes Chief of the Choctaws. The 200,000 member tribe is reduced to 20,000 members by installing a higher blood quantum requirement to become a member. He begins taking care of his people where the former Chief looked the other way. For the first time members began receiving dividends checks from the casino money.

Through ceremonial sweats, a mystical visitor from the past helps John Wilkerson Tall Bear begin to instill the ancient ways and honor back into the modern day tribe of Choctaw Indians.

Please help The Buffalo Field Campaign stop the Buffalo Slaughter!




Shame on the Montana Department of Livestock! Shame on the National Park Service! Shame on the Cattle Ranchers! 150 years ago they slaughtered the Buffalo to wipe out Indigenous Nations. This time they are slaughtering the Buffalo under a lie to protect their cattle.



The National Park Service has spent seven of the past eight days hazing Yellowstone National Park buffalo near the park's northern border to appease the special interests of Montana's livestock industry and the Church Universal and Triumphant. In 1999 US taxpayers doled out 13 million dollars to the Church in a deal that was supposed to result in greater tolerance for buffalo. But the Church still refuses to allow buffalo anywhere near it's land. On the west side of the Yellowstone River buffalo are harassed with your tax dollars and on the east side they are shot by hunters. Where is the tolerance for buffalo in Montana?

These are Bison that are supposed to be protected in Yellowstone National Park. When does this insanity stop? When will we as a Nation rise up and make our Park Service accountable for their continued atrocities?

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The Buffalo Field Campaign.
Bison Management Runs Amok:
National Park Service Sends
24 Buffalo to Slaughter, Captures 100 More;
DOL Hazes Buffalo through Lake Ice, Killing Two

Why is the Montana Department of  Livestock hazing these buffalo when there are no cattle in the vicinity?
But there are no cattle in the West Yellowstone area, right?

Update from the Field January 19, 2006
Buffalo Slaughter in Yellowstone

Dear Friends of the Buffalo,
It is hard to imagine that "Yellowstone" and "buffalo slaughter" would appear together in the same sentence, yet here they are. We have now entered the worst buffalo slaughter since the wicked winter of 1996-97. Buffalo history in America is like a broken record seemingly doomed to repeat itself again and again.(Click for larger image)


Since last Wednesday, Yellowstone National Park rangers have captured 524 of the country's last wild buffalo. These icons of the American West have been rounded up like cattle and crammed into the Stephens Creek Capture Facility, near Gardiner and Yellowstone's northern boundary. This trap is located inside our planet's first national park. These mighty buffalo, gentle creatures of freedom, strong spirit and tenacious strength, will all be sent to slaughter without being tested for brucellosis antibodies.


This is ironic because brucellosis is the supposed reason for the government's lethal actions against wild buffalo. Another irony: The NPS is taking these actions without cooperation from Montana. Yet it is Montana that holds the irrational zero-tolerance policy against wild buffalo, and it is Montana's cattle industry that the Park Service says it's protecting, yet in order to save face while their illegitimate hunt is underway, Montana pretends to disagree with these actions; of course, not enough to denounce them. It is no secret that the Park Service's actions are a boon to the state's cattle industry. If Montana isn't urging this insane action, why is the Park Service conducting it? Another irony is that the native wild buffalo are being escorted to slaughterhouses in Montana and Idaho - as far away as 500 miles - by none other than the Bush Administration's Department of Homeland Security.


(Click for larger image)


As of this writing, the National Park Service has sent 300 of the last wild buffalo to slaughter; 185 buffalo still remain locked in the Stephens Creek Bison Capture Facility. Thirty-eight wild buffalo calves have been sent to prison at the Corwin Springs Quarantine Facility--joining the 14 who have been confined there since last year--where they will be raised in captivity, experimented on, and the majority slaughtered. On Friday, one baby buffalo died in the trap because while it was being "processed" the Park Service broke off its little button horns.


The buffalo suffer government madness for simply following the only law that matters, the Law of Nature. The Yellowstone buffalo are the last ones to follow the awesome instinct to migrate. Yet instead of celebrating this natural phenomenon, the government punishes it. Land of the free?


Some buffalo crossed an imaginary line that says "you are awe-inspiring and respected here on this side, but you are vermin and expendable there on that side." Some buffalo never even crossed that illogical, unreasonable, invisible man-made line. The underlying themes are cattle and habitat: wild buffalo are provided zero habitat outside of Yellowstone National Park, even on our national and state public lands because the cattle industry hordes it greedily for fattening beef for the dinner table. Yellowstone has become nothing less than a mega-zoo that engages in the wholesale slaughter of native wildlife to do the bidding of the livestock industry. Money doesn't just talk, it screams. We the People have to scream LOUDER. We cannot let this injustice continue for another ten years. bisonicedd


The government agencies that take these monstrous actions are so wrapped up in their nefarious Plan and bureaucratic nonsense that they refuse to see what it is they are doing. They cannot see what we see when we're out in the field with the buffalo, the peace the buffalo bring, the completion they give to the landscape, their natural right to exist as wild, free buffalo. But the people see. And the people must act.


As of this writing, Yellowstone Chief of Public Affairs Al Nash, cooly and in good humor, tells us that they may capture another 50 wild buffalo today. Their justification: "It's in the Plan." It's only the last wild herd, after all. It's only Yellowstone National Park. And, it's is only January. Along the northern boundary, the NPS is capturing and slaughtering buffalo as quickly as they can in order to make room for more tax payer-funded murder, while trap sites along the Park's western boundary are being plowed to make way for even more.




Meanwhile, just miles from Park Service-run buffalo-slaughter, Montana's canned bison hunt goes on. Over the weekend tribal members from the Blackfeet and Chippewa-Cree Indian Nations used their permits here in West Yellowstone. Only three of eight Montana tribes decided to engage in the first phase of the hunt. On Monday, phase II of the hunt began and seven buffalo were gunned down in Gardiner. That same day, just across the Yellowstone River, the Park Service captured 211 wild buffalo. According to an article in today's print-version of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 50 buffalo that were shipped to a Nampa, Idaho slaughterhouse from Yellowstone on Tuesday never arrived at that slaughter facility. Their whereabouts remain a mystery. The government doesn't have an answer.




If there is good news to report, it is that last week's ice-hazing catastrophe - when the Department of Livestock hazed 40 buffalo and caused 12 to fall through the ice, drowning two - is getting national media attention. This horrible incident has not gone unnoticed and continues to be a focus of the media and is drawing more and more outrage from Montanans and others across the country. Voices are being raised in defense of the buffalo. The DOL may have sealed their fate in their involvement in wild buffalo harassment with their latest foolish and unnecessary hazing operation.




If I were a better writer, by the time you read this email everyone you know would also know about what is happening to the last wild buffalo and each would take appropriate action. I can only hope that these words convey to you a sense of the urgent need to all join in solidarity NOW for the buffalo and take action NOW and UNTIL they are set free. What is happening here in the land of the last wild buffalo, in the land of the earth's first national park is a symptom of the larger illness plaguing our planet. We are the healers. Ours is the voice that must be heard. These are the last wild buffalo ... and once they are gone, they are gone forever.




Please take action now, and encourage everyone you know to do the same. If you can join us on the front lines, we need your help. But PLEASE contact Governor Brian Schweitzer (406-444-3111) and Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis (307-344-2002) and express your outrage at their zero-tolerance for wild buffalo, their lack of integrity, and their shameful participation in the wholesale slaughter of this gentle and majestic American icon. You might even suggest that the NPS replace their buffalo insignia with a cow, since that is the only thing they seem willing to take a stand for. Shame on Yellowstone, and shame on Montana. These buffalo belong to the country, not to the state or the government, and certainly not to slaughterhouses. We must demand that the buffalo be protected and respected and forever set free. It is high time to stop this senseless harassment and slaughter of the country's last wild buffalo. Enough Is Enough! Save the herd... spread the word.


In Solidarity & With Strong Prayer for the Buffalo Nation,
The Buffalo Field Campaign


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