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Thank you for visiting NativeRadio®.com, your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American music. NativeRadio®.com was born out of our love for the music, the artists, and most of all... the people.

Stream 6 - Contemporary

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Stream 7 :: Pow Wow

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Artist Spotlight:: Smoke Signals Peace Pipes

My friend in Taos Pueblo Dean Johnson is a world-class pipe maker and I would like to help support him during these trying times.

"Native Peace Pipes - Located in the beautiful town plaza of Taos, New Mexico, Smoke Signals is owned and Operated by Taos Pueblo Native Dean “Little Lake” Johnson. “Little Lake” peace pipes are made to be used, but the beautiful and unique craftsmanship involved makes each pipe a work of art on its own. Many of Little Lake’s pipes are featured in art galleries across the United States, some have found their way into film actors’ and Actresses’ private collections, not to mention into the hands of many pipe aficionados."

Dean “Little Lake” Johnson is a renowned pipe maker and craftsman who has shown his “practical fine art” in numerous museums and galleries worldwide. For over fifteen years, Little Lake has mastered his pipemaking and crafts unique designs representing a variety of animals and birds sacred to the Native American culture. He also crafts unique contemporary pipes, traditional Minnesota pipestone peace pipes.

Designed and Handmade

The pipe bowls are crafted using Minnesota pipestone, various alabasters, soapstones, and basalt. The stems are made from juniper-cedar which offers a truly unique cedar after-taste. Little Lake Peace Pipes are crafted to used, but are also a part of many private fine art and Native American art collections. Little Lake is a registered member of Taos Pueblo and all of his pipes are made at his home on the Pueblo where he lives with his daughter.



How to submit your music!

We Will Be Accepting Music In Three Weeks!

We were currently upgrading our streaming servers and temporarily were not accepting new music submissions. In about three weeks we will be accepting music.

  1. You will need to complete a signed "Broadcast Release" allowing us to play your music.
    2. You will need to provide digitized files at 128kbps to 320kbps.
    3. You will need to provide adigital file for your cover art (.jpg or .png file types).
    4. You will need to mail a physical copy of the CD and Broadcast Release (Broadcast Release may be emailed).

We will provide details in a few weeks!

Patrick resizeThank you for visiting NativeRadio®.com, your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American music. NativeRadio.com was born out of our love for the music, the artists, and most of all... the people.

We have just begun our 20th year of Internet braodcasting and are proud of the artists we play. They are the reason we exist and they have grown from an obscure hard to find niche, into the storytelling powerhouses they always were!

Native American music crosses many styles including; pow wow, traditional, new age, blues, pop/rock, folk/country, rap/hip-hop, and more.

We have tried to provide a forum with which you can learn about:

  • The artists behind the music, their albums and concerts, and their message.
  • The artists who have created the cover art and their amazing artwork.
  • The labels behind these artists. Native American record labels deserve much of the credit for keeping the tradition of story telling alive today.
  • The history of the indigenous people of this country. Their 500 year struggle for justice....then and now.
  • You will also learn about how you can contribute to various Native Americans causes.

We hope you enjoy your journey in NativeRadio.com. It was created to please your senses, and tug at your heart. We hope we have succeeded.

Patrick Doyle

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  • "Nothing quite like smudging a room full of cedar, sweet grass, and sage, and listening to NativeRadio.

    Prayerful and deep.

    Very rewarding."
  • "My dogs and I start everyday with NativeRadio. I have discovered so many songs here that have in turn allowed me to seek out and support many independent artists.

    The website itself is truly a Portal to Beauty and Mystery and for some another truth. You should be proud."
  • "What a wonderful radio station. I love it!"
  • "Our portal to beauty and mystery. Keep it going guys."
  • "Hi there. I live in Ireland and I just found your radio station last night and I really found it interesting.

    I love the music. (I just bought an internet radio) - this means I can listen all the time to you."
  • "Osiyo Happy Birthday! Thanks to all who make the program work. Been turning the show on for years and it is a life blood of my days.

    I'm Cherokee and Cree 61 years old and will listen till the great mystery takes me home! wado!"
  • "Happy Birthday!!! I am a listener from Greece who really enjoys your music!!!!

    Don't let the Native American culture vanish!!!"
  • "Happy Happy Birthday!!! A great radio.

    By listening you I find all the serenity which I need ;-)"





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