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Dear Facebook, Please add "animals" to your hate protection policies! By simply adding the word "animals" to your following two protections, you can save millions of animals from abuse! Pages like your "I Hate Dogs" and "The Cat Recipe" pages promote violence towards animals!


Thank you for visiting and learning more about our drive to remove animal hate from Facebook.

posterWe have no hidden agenda, and truly believe in the first amendment.

In the middle of June we were made aware of the "I Hate Dogs" page and candidly were appalled when visiting it. Back then this page was littered with photos of dog attacks, which is their prerogative and protected speech. We get that.

What disturbed us were all the calls to kill, beat, and maim the dogs. This included recipes to poison with antifreeze, calls to take out your aggression on the dogs, calls to kill them whenever the opportunities arose, etc. We tried talking to the page owners and visitors with respectful dialog. That proved an effort in futility, and was actually quite disturbing.

This is when we started this petition. Ironically, the more the public became aware of this page, the more they flooded it with pictures and stories of the benefit of dogs, and their right to respect. This page looks nothing like it did 13 weeks ago.

The petition is going viral, and we believe this is a good thing. In our humble opinion there is way too much hate in this world. Too much of that hate is being directed at defenseless animals. Harming animals leads to harming humans.

The goal of this petition has evolved as we learn how people feel, and as we learn just how many animal hate groups/pages/people there out there.

We hope to be in a position to respectfully request that Facebook look at the issues and to include "non-human animals" in their hate protection policies.

We are investigating how some of these pages are violating animal cruelty laws in the United States,
and perhaps more importantly, international law violations.
June 22, 2012

PETITION: Remove the "I Hate Dogs" page from Facebook

To: Facebook and its supervision of "Animal Hate Pages"

Dear Facebook:

As an animal protector I am shocked and appalled that the "I Hate Dogs" page is back up. Please remove the "I Hate Dogs" page from Facebook. Animal hate pages need to be removed and blocked from Facebook. It is a proven fact that people that hate and harm animals eventually hate and harm humans. Children that learn to harm animals proceed to injuring people as well. These types of animal hate pages are dangerous to the animals, including the human kind.

Facebook please do the right thing and include animals in your "hate protection policies."



Douglas Blue Feather

Douglas Blue Feather has won the 2012 Indian Summer Music Award for "Best Contemporary Instrumental", the 2010 Indian Summer Music Award for “Best Traditional Native American Flute”, (4) Native American Music Awards including “Flutist Of The Year” and “Best New Age CD”, and many others. Douglas often utilizes more modern contemporary instrumentation to accompany the flute. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, Doug's music touches the heart and soul of those drawn to the beauty of the Native American flute.

Tony Duncan & Estun-Bah

Tony Duncan is an established recording artist, and has been nominated for a Native American Music Award. He captures the true essence of Native America with the soft and soothing melodies of the Apache cane flute.

Tony (Apache/Arikara/Hidatsa/Mandan) talks about his music, Hoop Dancing and his family. Tony has a new recording with his group Estun-Bah called "From Where the Sun Rises." He is a four-time World Champion Dancer and is ranked among the top 10 in the world.

Gabriel Ayala

As a member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala strives to share the gift of music with people of all walks of life, particularly Native youth, encouraging them to live their dream.

He is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans performing classical music. An accomplished guitarist with impeccable technique formed by his training as a classical guitarist. His recordings display his expressive powers in the genres of flamenco, traditional Spanish, and jazz plus compelling original compositions

YANAN :: You Are Not Alone Network


Many Native American young people today feel as though “nobody cares”, and in that moment may choose to end their own life.

The purpose of the “You Are Not Alone Network” is to intervene, to reach out and say, “we do care!”, and invite them into a circle of family, friends and community. “You Are Not Alone”!


Michael Bucher

Michael Bucher is a multi-award winning Cherokee artist who wants his music to heal. If his music helps one person to survive, to heal, or helps them on their way to wellbriety, it is all worth the effort. If it helps one person realize they do have a voice and can help stop the desecration, it did what it was intended. If it helps one person understand everyone of us makes mistakes, but it's never to late to return to our center, and in a good way, enjoy the journey we're on, it is complete.

Skylar Wolf

When I first heard Skylar it was like listening to Steve Ray Vaughn playing the steel slide guitar, with the voice of Joe Cocker. "Shelter" is the first song written and recorded by Skylar. He is known for his singing style as well as his playing style. Skylar Wolf is the real deal and has the most unique sound in all of Indian Country!

This multi-award winning artist says, "They will remember me, I will live forever in my songs because, I am not afraid to sing what they are afraid to say."

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My friend David TwoHawk Glazier (Apache) is a percussionist in the ensemble group Helm.

Their vision is to play acoustic music reflective of the traditions of the Middle East through classical, folkloric and original compositions. Helm provides music for all to enjoy. For dance artists Helm's unique style works whether you need belly dance music, tribal dance music, tribal fusion or gypsy music (Rom). Our repertoire is far reaching and diverse, providing a rich platform for expression.

Thoughts of Suicide?

If you are in crisis call the Native Youth Crisis Hotline at 1-877-209-1266!
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Save Tibet ::

Who We Are, What We Do - An Intro to AHF from AHF on Vimeo.

The American Himalayan Foundation supports vital education, health care, and cultural and environmental preservation throughout the Himalayan region.

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